What is Spelling to Communicate?

Our office in Munroe Falls, Ohio (near Akron) is proud to offer S2C services! All of our S2C Practitioners are also therapists with a Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology or Occupational Therapy.

Our S2C Team 

  Samantha Fox, M.A., CCC-SLP   

       Speech-Language Pathologist 

Owner of Beyond Speech

Sam became a registered Spelling to Communicate Practitioner through I-ASC in August 2021. She is thrilled to be one of the first Spelling to Communicate Practitioners in Ohio. Supporting communication in non-speaking, minimally speaking, and unreliably speaking individuals is her greatest passion. 

Emma Fiorita, MOT, OTR/L 

       Occupational Therapist         

Emma became a registered S2C Practitioner through I-ASC in August 2023. She could not be more excited to use her expertise in motor-planning to help give a voice to non-speakers and support their autonomy throughout their daily activities!

Spelling to Communicate (S2C) is an alternative form of communication for individuals who cannot rely on their speech to express their thoughts. It teaches individuals the purposeful motor skills necessary to point to letters to spell their wants, needs, and ideas. Not sure if this is the right fit for your child? Please be sure to check the links & videos below to learn more about S2C!

It is important to remember that non-speaking does NOT equal non-thinking. Most of our "spelling families" initially have doubts (some are extremely doubtful) whether their child will be able to be successful with S2C because they are unsure whether their child understands what is said to them/around them or are unsure if their child knows how to spell. Spoiler alert: they realized after starting S2C that their child understood everything and knew how to spell better than most typical children their age! Most Spellers have been wrongly diagnosed with "severe" receptive-expressive language disorders and/or a cognitive disability. Let's talk about why the results of those tests were not reliable! We fully believe that your child is "in there" and are here to support all communication goals. We are always happy to chat and answer all questions:

Useful Links:


Link to purchase the book “Underestimated” (highly recommended by many of my spelling to communicate families): Underestimated: An Autism Miracle (Children’s Health Defense): Handley, J. B., Handley, Jamison: 9781510766365: Amazon.com: Books